Two Easy Packing Tips- Luggage and the Toiletry Bag

I feel like I do a decent amount of travel each year. My goal for 2019 is to travel outside of my state at least once a month, half of those by plane and 2 trips international. That’s a pretty decent goal considering February, March, May, June, and July plans are already made and those are by plane.  Since I travel so much, I try to find ways to make packing as easy as possible. I still tend to overpack but that’s a work in progress. I have a 5-piece set of luggage, so I’m never worried about having the right bag or if I have enough luggage. Two of the pieces were purchased together and I bought the others separately- 20” and 28” rolling bags, a duffle, a computer bag, and “under the seat” rolling bag. They are all made by Kensie. I wish there was a bookbag to match. Currently, I have a black Samsonite bookbag that holds EVERYTHING. But, I have a Vera Bradley book bag on my Christmas list, so I hope that I get it (hint hint). The Kensie luggage is super durable and a great, deep purple color. Luggage takes a beating when flying. Altogether, I paid around $350, which isn’t bad at all. I can’t get them all to “nest” for storage, but it still works out. We have a ton of luggage in this house- about 15 pieces. So, having the right luggage on hand is important. That’s tip #1.

       The toiletry bag- It’s where we put it all- body lotions, body wash, facial cleanser, toothbrush/toothpaste, Q-tips, cotton balls… You name it. It’s filled with the stuff that we use each day when we are getting ready. If you travel as much as I do, leave it packed. You don’t have to run out and buy those cute little (overpriced) travel-sized items each time you travel.  Ok, you can buy them one time but then re-fill them. My toiletry bag stays packed, and it saves so much time. All I have to do is put it in my suitcase and go. After every trip, when I unpack, I make sure my toiletry bag has been cleaned out and restocked for the next trip. That is one less thing to worry about and one less thing to buy. I don’t do a lot of shopping prior to a trip. I might buy an outfit or 2 if the travel is for a special occasion but typically, whatever I need to take comes out of my closet. I can’t discuss the toiletry bag without talking about my favorite body cream and its cute travel container. This summer, a friend suggested Brazilian Bum Bum cream. O-M-G! I love it. Plus, it’s available in 4 different sizes. I have the tiny container, which stays in my purse. The travel size stays in my toiletry bag. While the bigger size, stays in the bathroom cabinet. Recently, I discover the jumbo size. It smells divine. There is also a body spray and lip cream too. Yep, I have those too. So, that’s tip #2. Keep your toiletry bag packs and ready. 

       Getting ready to hit the road or the skies shouldn’t be stressful. Seriously, you shouldn’t be consumed with luggage or packing. Besides, if it’s a vacation, you can probably purchase what you forgot at the destination. Oh, and make a list… The way I feel about lists, that’s a whole-nother blog post. Safe travels….


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