Shoes-Out with the Old and In with the New

Bookcase to Shoe Storage

It's the start of the new year. It's time to clean out those closets, ladies. Help the men do it too. They are actually worse than we are. I know it isn't fun but it will give you more space for the shopping you're going to do this year. I've also read that you should get rid of one item whenever you buy one item. That's hard for me but I do a purge at least once a year.  Ok, let's start with shoes. We already know that we have too many. That's just how it is. Look, I know those shoes are comfortable but throw them away. I know they are just the way you like them. They have formed to fit your feet and are all broken in but (AGAIN) Sweetie, throw them away. A few things to consider when going through your shoes. You should:

Check the fit!

Can you actually wear the shoes. Was it too tight when you bought them and you thought, "Oh, I just won't do too much walking in them.". Or, have you gained weight. Your feet change too, remember. 

Check the style!

Sure, those shoes MIGHT come back in style. After all, it appears that fashion repeats itself. If they do, are you really going to wear them?

Check the condition!

​Are they scuffed beyond repair? Are the heels worn? Is there a hole at the toe? Are they kinda leaning to one side? You're going to need a mirror to check that out. If so, they have to go.

I'm speaking from experience. I know that I needed to get rid of old shoes and those that I just don't wear—whether donating it, selling it on Poshmark, or throwing it away. Listen, I loved my black MK flats because I could wear them with everything. Leather feels so nice when it’s worn and broken in. It broke my heart to throw them away but it was time. They went through 2 school years. Flats are my go-to and I know they aren’t the best for my feet but I love them. I only wear heels on occasion and I usually lean towards wedges. I have a knee that doesn’t want to cooperate with heels. During the holiday season, I replaced the shoes that I threw away. Believe it or not, all 5 pair of these shoes costs only $130.


Nine West flats (nude and black) from were $30 each, free shipping. Converse (from were $20, free shipping. Calvin Klein heels were $20 from a local TJ Maxx. The best deal though- leather nude booties from Kenneth Cole’s website. Originally $170! I paid $29, including free overnight shipping. I have to thank Corey for that last deal. He found stackable promo codes. I bet you’re thinking-where’s the color? I own different colors-from green to red-but these are my go-to shoes. I don’t own as many shoes and purses as I used too. There are also 4 pair that have never been worn that I plan to sell on Poshmark. Here's one pair. 

I bought these Vince Camuto heels from Nordstrom TWO years ago and they haven't been worn outside of this house. The heel (5 inches) is just too high. Bottom-heavy and a bad knee+ 5 inch heels are a disaster waiting to happen.

I know it's a hassle. I know when you get started, it's going to look like there isn't an ending in sight. I don't know about you but when I'm cleaning, it always looks worse before it looks better. I promise, you'll thank me later. My problem now- too many jeans and too many white shirts. Listen, I can only handle one thing (like this) at a time but it looks like I’m off to a great start though. What did you get rid of to start the new year?


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