Review of Delta One

I’ve flown first-class many times, but I’ve never flown in Delta One. For my first trip to Europe, my husband surprised me with the upgrade, so I’d be more comfortable on a longer flight.  I love to travel but I’m afraid of flying. These flights will be my longest.  It’s not the actual flying, it’s the taking off/landing/turbulence part. Once I’m in the air and we’re coasting smoothly, I’m ok. But, one little bump and I’m freaking out. Seriously….

We flew from Birmingham to Detroit and then to London-Heathrow. Of course, I had looked at videos before I left so, I knew what to expect. The configuration was 1-2-1.

1-2-1 seating. This is the "2".

The seats in the middle do not have access to a window but it’s pretty much the only option if you’re traveling with someone and want to be side by side. So, Corey and I were seated in the middle. I didn't mind not having a window until our flight home and the pilot announced that we were flying over the beaches of Normandy and I couldn't see it. I had an overhead compartment to myself for my carry-on luggage. My area also had small spaces to store items but not under-the-seat storage. Basically, you had to store everything until cruising altitude was reached. We were provided with LSTN headphones, Tumi amenities kit, and Westin Heavenly bedding (pillow and blanket). There was a large storable tray table, fold flat seating, plenty of outlets and USB ports, and an extra wide TV. This one also had a remote control.

I’m guessing it’s because of the distance from the TV when the seat reclines. There were also unlimited beverages, including wine and spirits. We were immediately offered a drink before we took off. We chose champagne. After all, we were celebrating. Once our flight was underway, we were well taken care of. We started off with the signature cocktail (Bombay Sapphire gin, cranberry-apple, and ginger ale) and a warm nut mix. My appetizer was shrimp and a Caesar salad. I passed on the mushroom soup, but Corey said that it was delicious. A few days before our flight, we received an email asking to make our dinner selection. I chose the braised beef short rib. Surprisingly, it was delicious. The temperature was perfect, and it was really tender and tasteful. For dessert, I had an ice cream sundae with every topping- chocolate, caramel, cookie crumbles, and whip cream. There were also unlimited snacks and drinks throughout the flight. Upon arrival, we were offered breakfast (bacon and some type of breakfast casserole), which I passed on. It’s was just too early and I was exhausted. I reclined my seat, dimmed by lighting, put on my headphones, and I still couldn’t fall asleep. I stayed awake for the entire 7 ½ hour flight. I paid for that later that day.

For the return, we were also in Delta One, we flew out of a different airport. We actually took the Eurostar high speed train from London to Paris. It actually travels underwater. I was asleep for that though. So, we flew out of the Paris Charles De Gaulle airport to Atlanta. This flight was 9 ½ hours. This plane had the same configuration of 1-2-1 but this seating was like a little pod. I could close the “window” which separated Corey and I AND I could close the door to my seat, which was actually labeled Suite 4C.

1-2-1 Seating. This is the "2".

Again, we were provided with LSTN headphones, Tumi amenities kit, and Westin Heavenly bedding (pillow and blanket). There was a large storable tray table, fold flat seating, plenty of outlets and USB ports, and an extra wide TV. I enjoyed this flight best of all. There was more storage for my personal items. I took out everything that I needed for the flight and had a place to store it without needing to go back to my carry on luggage. Plus, the "door" allowed me to close off my area from the aisle. Once again, we were offered a drink before take off. I chose a Coca Cola this time. The menu was different than our trip out there. We had received an email to select our entrée and I selected beef again, grilled beef tenderloin with truffle hollandaise sauce, potato dauphinoise, and green beans, and carrots. I ate every single morsel.  We had the same signature cocktail and warm nut mix. The appetizer was crusted beef filet, Caesar salad, and onion soup. It was delicious. I ate Corey’s beef as well. He hasn’t eaten beef in almost a year and there was no sense in letting it go to waste, right? For dessert, I selected an ice cream sundae again but this time with strawberry sauce and nuts. I was really surprised but the food on the flight was very yummy. Again, snacks and drinks were offered throughout the entire flight. I must have dozed off this time (see pic) because as soon as I woke up, I was offered a warm chocolate cookie, which was great too. Near the end of the flight, we were served lunch. This was shrimp salad and a potato medley.

My experience was wonderful. I don’t know how I’m going to handle our next flight, when we’re in the main cabin. I’m sure I’ll be just fine but Delta One was a flight experience like no other. My only complaint- there wasn’t any tequila or amaretto. Those are my go-to liquors. Other than that, I don’t have a single 'real' complaint. I never had to wait in line to use the restroom. The flights were pretty smooth except take-off and landing and a few bumps from Paris. Everyone was so nice and accommodating. It’s definitely the way to travel for a long flight.


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